Soweto’s Finest Venture Into Music

One of the best dance groups on the continent has released their debut album

They are known for their freehest dance moves on music videos to hit songs such as ‘Club Controller‘ and ‘Love Me Tonight’ to mention a few.

The group consist of 4 members and they are all from various parts of Soweto.

The decision to venture into music was a collective one and they all knew that they want to start dancing to their music as oppose to only dancing for other people’s music videos. Sowetos Finest is not only known for music video performances but they also own a Dance Studio based on Newtown Junction in Johaannesburg . The dance studio caters for all ages and all dance Styles .

A listening session was hosted during the year 2019 for their debut album and one of the tracks that promises to make waves on the radio is ‘Akvele K’bhujwe’ . On the 4th of January 2020 they were invited for an interview on SABC 2 Morning Live .

At the end of the interview ,they performed another promising song on their album titled ‘Shupe’ and they set the Morning Live stage ablaze with their killer dance moves . Follow @SowetosFinest on twitter ,Instagram and on Facebook for links on how to download the songs.

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