New Afro Pop Sensation @Makhush serenades

With over a month after dropping his new sizzling single titled 'Makoti' @Makhush is definitely bound to win many hearts. The Mpumalanga born has stepped into the limelight with his very unique sound and feel into the music scene. His style has set him apart from the rest. He is a promising Star in the making.

Upon joining the Charlie Communications team, Makhush had already packaged himself as a brand by recording and shooting the music video to the song before approaching Charlie for Radiio Sampling for his new single 'Makoti' that is already available on all digital music stores.

Today, the song has reached new heights on the radio airplay as per SA Radio Monitor, people are loving the 'Swati' Afro Pop King @Makhush and have been requesting for his song on the radio Top 30 countdowns.

Wath his music video 'Makoti' standing at over 1.2K views in just 3 weeks.

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