'Ithuba Lam' drops Friday 01 Nov 2019

Deekay's third new single titled 'ithuba lam' sets the festive mood.

The song was inspired by the trials and tribulations that the young Deekay has had to face growing up and trying to get her music career started. It draws back to when she was still going for auditions and not getting any 'call backs' to trying to make ends meet with the little that she was making from her theatre gigs. Now that she has finally been able to get her solo music career going for her, she feels as if a huge dark cloud that has been hovering above her has lifted off and she can now see a brighter future for herself. Of course she had to draw some inspiration from her own personal life as it her biggest encouragement looking back where she was and looking at where she is now.

Deekay didn't work alone on the song , she had the assistance of the up and coming producer named Ngoni Hlogo who produced the beat together with the contribution of Effective Soundz from Durban. Another producer that worked on the song was Pax Africa ,who was with Deekay in studio to record her vocals and add them to the already existing beat and also mastering it.

Charlie Communications founder Ngcebo Mdima was impressed with the song after it was recorded and immediately started sampling the song to various deejays and radio stations. He also set up the date for a music video shoot for the song which was shot at the famous location in Soweto, Pimville at Meli's Lounge. The music video was shot on the 27th of October 2019 and will drop two weeks after the song is made available on digital music stores.

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