7 Businesses That Are Booming Due To Covid-19

Let's look at some of the businesses that are making millions from the Coronavirus pandemic. This list is in no particular order.

1. Personal Protective Equipment Companies

This should come as no surprise! From doctors and medical staff to public servants who are considered essential workers, they all need personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform their duties during this difficult of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, wearing face masks is not only limited to essentials workers, everyone who leaves the house to work or to buy essential goods need ton wear a mask. There is a huge demand for (PPE) all around the world, what makes it even in more demand is that most of these (PPE) are none reusable items and require one for each and use.

2. Drones

If you have been wondering how drones have helped us during the Covid-19 pandemic well look no further. These technologically advanced machines come in various shapes and sizes but they all play a vital role in making our lives easy. Below are some of the ways drones have assisted humankind manoeuvre through the pandemic.

  • Disinfecting streets in China

  • Delivering medical and essential goods

  • Drones can deliver up to 85 km in radius, and arrive within 30 minutes.

Drones have helped humans minimise contact with one another, while ensuring that items can be passed from one person to another therefore ilimim mating the spread of Coronavirus.

3. Delivery Services

More and more people are getting acquainted with shopping online and opting for their goods to be delivered to their doorsteps, especially here in Africa where online shopping wasn't so popular. As we see African countries going under lockdown to curb the spread of Coronavirus, people; are being asked to stay at home and to stay safe. Well, this is one of many reasons why online shopping is starting to become the norm and delivery service companies are cashing in as the number of deliveries sky rockets due to high consumer demand.

4. Fitness Equipment Companies

The harsh reality is that no one knows for sure when the pandemic is going to subside but that doesn't mean we want to wait and find out. Theres plenty of ways to keep busy and fit whilst still at home. For most people, staying fit at home doesn't require much but for those that can afford, they take it one step further by purchasing fitness equipment to train at home, while this can be viewed as a luxury to have, you'd be surprised at the increasing number of people who are buying these equipment and making their home gyms look like the commercial ones they are used to.

5. Online Gambling & Entertainment

Whether you're streaming music, playing games or just watching Netflix, online entertainment has become our refuge during the lockdown, and since everyone is a home, online platforms have created content the suits everybody. From young children viewing cartoons to adults who want to gamble online and keep boredom at bay.

6. Hand Sanitiser Company

It is no secret that hand sanitisers are capable of killing just about every germ and virus you can thing of from your hands and Covid-19 is no exception. Hand sanitisers are in huge demand as most people prefer them over hand wash soaps, this could be the reason hand sanitisers don't require water and you can use them on the go. This makes them very convenient for people who are constantly busy and on the go.

7. Telecommunications

The lockdown has required humans to spend less time in public spaces and more time self isolating at home to curb the spread of Covid-19. The telecommunications industry has cashed in during the pandemic given the fact that we are all staying in touc

h with our loved ones every single day through the use of cellphones. More and more people now own one or two cellphones and utilise them for their everyday lives. For instance, we use social media 98% of the time on our cellphones, we order food and shop online, we plan and schedule things like personal routines, almost everything we do is through our cellphones.

Let us know on the comment section what are some of the businesses you thing should have been included on this list that are booming due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Written by: @KaraboObarak

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