5 Things You Can Do During Lockdown

These are our top five things you can do at the comfort of your home while avoiding leaving your house during the Covid-19 Nationwide Lockdown.

We are pleading with all South Africans to please stay at home during the lockdown. The reason for the lockdown is to slowdown the spread of the Corona Virus and to keep the numbers of new infections from going up.

Should you need any information with regards to the Covid-19 please do not hesitate to use the WhatsApp Support number provides by the governmen, which is 0600123456 . For Emergency Support please dial the number 0800029999 .

Let ya all be responsible citizens and do what’s best for our country and all who live in it. If you are bored at home during the lockdown,don’t worry we have 5 things on our To-Do List that we hope you will enjoy.

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